Autism Services and Behavior Therapy

At The Shape of Behavior, we understand how much the little things matter. It is our mission to provide treatment based on empirically validated ABA principles and shape behavior by celebrating even small, everyday successes. The Shape provides ABA, HBI, Behavior Medicine, EEG Biofeedback, Behavioral Services and Autism Therapy. Not only do we work to help improve the quality of life for the children and families we serve, but we also conduct research in order to support and advance the field of Behavior Analysis.

Established and Unique

Since we opened our doors, our approach has always been unique, emphasizing both structured and naturalistic teaching strategies, inclusion, and shaping.  Our founding professionals have degrees in Behavior Analysis (ABA) and have been leading the way for full time ABA clinics for over a decade in Texas. Because we evolve with our science, The Shape is committed to using the continual monitoring and shaping of our behavior analytic strategies and methods for success. We work hard to make sure our clients have the best behavioral services and autism therapy on the market today.


Shaping Possibilities through ABA and HBI

The Shape does everything through shaping including improving its business model, training, supervision, and service delivery through the principles of behavior analysis. Over the past decade, we have successfully replicated our systematic approach many times. When you are part of The Shape family, you can be confident that we will continue to shape possibilties for your family and loved ones.

Give Me a Child and I can Shape Him into Anything.   -B.F. Skinner

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As a BCBA, I've found that there are some pretty common questions I'm asked—my own personal FAQ, if you will. From the general public, I mostly get confusion, to wit: "So what does a BCBG do?" or "Autism, that's the one where they have super powers, right?"

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Virtual Reality and Special Needs: Virtually Endless Possibilities

Technology marches on... We live in a world where technology impacts nearly every aspect of our daily life, and that statement is very apparent among the population of people with special needs. From video modeling and internet-based curriculum to data collection and reinforcement, the individuals we serve are exposed to technology more so than ever.

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"Our son Billy has attended this clinic for 1 1/2 years. He has enjoyed going to it except for maybe the first week. Billy has made tremendous progress. Billy has learned to put short sentences together with magnetic words, spell, start to tell time, vocalize short sentences and has begun to do basic math. The clinic allows his younger twin brothers to attend to facilitate building a bond with Billy. Click Here To Read More