BCABA Members

A BCaBA or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst works directly under a BCBA.  He or she must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree, required Behavior Analysis courses, a period of supervised practice, and an International Exam demonstrating core competency.  A board certified assistant behavior analyst, or BCaBA, conducts descriptive behavioral assessments, interprets the results, and designs appropriate ethical and effective interventions for clients based on Applied Behavior Analysis. BCaBAs can design and oversee appropriate interventions consistent with the principles of ABA with the supervision of a BCBA.

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"My son is 20 and has been with The Shape of Behavior for 3 years. In the beginning he had very severe and challenging behaviors. Through a lot of hard work on the part of The Shape staff he has come to the point where we can now think of his future. We have real hope for him. Dr. Randall and the staff have helped us see how he is an intriguing young man with a whole spectrum of potential. Click Here To Read More