Shape U ABA Workshops

The Shape of Behavior's Shape U is a training service for parents, professionals and others interested in ABA behavior intervention. Our Shape U workshops and trainings are designed to teach practical strategies effective for behavior change and are open to teachers, childcare professionals, psychology professionals, private practitioners, organizations, BCBAs, BCaBAs and those who are interested in becoming certified in behavior analysis.


Hands-On Workshops

Our workshops are designed with the scientist practitioner in mind. These sessions are packed with information, examples and give you the hands-on training you have been waiting for. Leave ready to implement strategies.

Web-Based Trainings

Our web-based ABA trainings are designed by professors who are currently teaching or who have taught behavior analysis and who practice or have practiced in the area of behavior analysis. Learn from scientist practitioners who are successful in your field.

Field Work for Board Certification in Behavior Analysis

Shape U has an Assistance program for underprivileged children in Conroe, Texas. Call today to find out how you can volunteer to help and gain experience in ABA or pay for internship supervision with qualified BCBA supervisors. See our Training Calendar

Get Private Training For your Organization

Shape U has assisted organizations desiring a foundation in behavior analytic principles, autism and much more. If your staff need to have hands on training, supervision, feedback and more.

Group training for ABA clinics, speech therapy clinics, occupational therapy clinics, medical practices and MORE.

Contact The Shape of Behavior today to learn more about how Shape U can help with the continuing education of behavior analysts or help those who are becoming certified in behavior analysis.

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To Access or Not Access Reinforcers: Effective Communication is Key

As a BCBA, I've found that there are some pretty common questions I'm asked—my own personal FAQ, if you will. From the general public, I mostly get confusion, to wit: "So what does a BCBG do?" or "Autism, that's the one where they have super powers, right?"

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