The Shape offers shadowing for children with special needs in inclusive settings. The shadowing services at The Shape have been developed by experienced BCBA's providing successful inclusion services in educational settings for many years.

Due to inherent social deficits associated with many disabilities, learning in an inclusive setting can be stressful without support and use of Applied Behavior Analysis. Often a child with special needs' aberrant behavior is the fastest way to express their frustrations that remove them from the instructional environment. They may need individualized support and motivation to engage socially or need help with:

  • Social cues & nonverbal language
  • Individualized motivation
  • Making friendships
  • Staying on task
  • Stress reduction in social situations
  • Perspective taking
  • Shadowing assessment

The Shape of Behavior conducts initial assessments and interviews for those children needing to receive shadowing in inclusive settings.

The Shape Shadowing Services

After passing the criteria for acceptance, The Shape Shadow, an individual trained in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis techniques in educational settings, accompanies your child to a private or public school setting. Advanced therapy skills, programming, and monitoring are just a part of the many things critical for success.

The Shape Shadowing process has been successful for over a decade with many students with autism now fully functioning in general education classes independently. Uniquely, we understand the skills necessary for learning in inclusion settings and we are able to monitor progress and shape social success for more independence.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Supervision

A BCBA with educational experience will oversee the shadowing program for your child. You and the teachers can consult with the BCBA for promoting independence and success in the inclusion environment. This consultation can include:

  • Monthly Consults
  • Monthly Shadow Reports with Data
  • Training for School & Teachers
  • Parent Training

Call today to see if your child qualifies for The Shape Shadowing Program!


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