Health and Behavior Intervention

It is common for dual diagnoses to exist and that an autism spectrum disorder or other mental health disorder is secondary to a medical condition. Health and behavior intervention (HBI) procedures help in the identification and treatment of medical conditions that are adversely affected by psychological, behavioral, emotional, cognitive and social issues.

HBI treatment includes behavior and communication approaches, dietary approaches, medication and complementary and alternative medicine. It increases appropriate behaviors and skills, communication and academic skills that will allow a child to be successful and decrease stereotyped or inappropriate behaviors that affect social functioning and learning. It teaches children how to behave according to socially acceptable standards and how to use their skills and behaviors more automatically. This treatment is done through intensive applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment programs that require about 40 hours of treatment per week.

Behavior Medicine

The Shape has behavior analysts and psychologists who specialize in and have taught behavior medicine courses. Additionally, contracted medical professionals are available to work in conjunction with our team to address psychological, behavioral, emotional, cognitive and social issues associated with medical conditions. Together our team can reduce these adverse symptoms to prevent, treat or manage medical conditions.