Our Approach

The Shape of Behavior implements the ABA approach by celebrating even the smallest successes and by minimizing inappropriate behaviors. We believe shaping is the foundation for encouraging valued behaviors.



The Shape of Behavior is committed to evidence-based treatment approaches. Our applications of therapy are based on the science of behavior analysis.

Applied behavior analysis involves the application of learning theory principles to deficits and excesses associated with various disabilities. ABA is an empirically validated method used to treat children with autism and other disabilities. It has been recommended by the US Surgeon General, American Academy of Pediatrics, National Institute for Health. ABA is the most researched and effective treatment used with success across all domains.


We offer individualized therapy. The Shape focuses on the relationship between child and environment so that positive changes endure even in the face of difficulties. Our methods empower children and their care givers to effectively change their behaviors, which provide the confidence needed to successfully navigate their world.

Whole Family Approach

Parents, grandparents and siblings are invited to participate in training sessions so they better understand how to cope with the disability and learn positive strategies to forge meaningful relationships that impact the entire family.


The Shape has successfully provided treatment services to hundreds of individuals in Texas and around the country. Each center provides a fun learning environment where scientific strategies are used to promote success in areas of social communication and behavior replacement through functional language development.