Step by Step Admission Process

All applications are submitted and accepted through our admissions office. Please contact us at (832) 358-2655 or toll free at 866.437.2165 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

There are 7 steps to the application review process for The Shape of Behavior. You should begin the application process three months prior to your desired service start date. Sometimes we are able to process and accept applications in a matter of days, however it is always best to start early. 

Step 1 - Submit an Intake Form

You can begin your pre-enrollment process by submitting an intake form on our website by clicking apply online. This form will serve to open your enrollment file and give the necessary information to verify your insurance coverage for therapy. When your intake form is received, you will be required to submit requested clinical paperwork regarding your child's diagnosis for insurance processing. 

Required documentation: 

- Diagnosing report

- Insurance card

- Medical necessity

Step 2 - Insurance Verification

After receiving your child's intake form and diagnostic records, one of The Shape's intake coordinators will submit your file for verification. There is no guarantee of coverage of services, at any time if insurance does not pay for services; the fees are the responsibility of the patient or patient's guardian. We do accept cash paying clients, however Medicaid is not accepted at this time.

Step 3 - Clinic Tour

While your insurance verification is processing, we will arrange a visit to your prospective Shape of Behavior clinic. This a great way to check out our facility and speak with professionals who will be able to address any questions you may have about the services that we provide. Due to confidentiality, we will not allow observation of ongoing treatment. If you like what you see in the clinic and elect to proceed, you will submit the formal enrollment application packet provided to you by your tour host.

Step 4 - Phone Interview

After your verification results come through, your intake coordinator will contact you to review your coverage and perform a brief phone interview. This will allow us to better determine your needs and your fit for The Shape of Behavior's program.

Step 5 - Eligibility Assessment & Guardian Interview

Once you have submitted your formal enrollment application packet, your intake coordinator will contact you to schedule an eligibility assessment for your child. This assessment will serve to confirm enrollment and placement in The Shape's program. Any assessment components required by your insurance company may also be completed at this time. Our clinical staff will meet with guardians during this time to conduct a brief interview.

A patient in need of a functional analysis of severe aggression to others or problem behavior affecting others will be referred for intensive FA services before they can be confirmed eligible for day treatment with in our center-based program.

Step 6 - File Completion

Upon being confirmed for acceptance into The Shape of Behavior, you will receive a call from your intake coordinator to complete your child's file with required forms and outstanding documentation.

Step 7 - Sign & Start!

When your file is complete, your intake coordinator will schedule a parent orientation meeting. At this meeting, your child's therapy start date will be confirmed and his/her file finalized. Required policies, procedures, consents and acknowledgement will be reviewed and documented at this time. Welcome to The Shape of Behavior family!