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Basic Steps for Mand Training

Posted by on in Behavior Analysis
The number of children diagnosed with some type of childhood disorder is in the millions. Along with other delays, communication is an area that has a significant impact on children with autism. Because of these deficits some children fail to acquire age appropriate speech skills, some are unable to speak at all and others can manage a few words or develop a 'jargon' of their own that cannot be understood by people around them aside from their immediate family.
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A large amount of children with developmental delays are reported to have difficulties with eating. However, these difficulties are hardly limited to children on the spectrum. According to a recent child and infant nutrition study, the vegetable of choice for most toddlers is a potato, specifically in the form of a French fry.

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What is Verbal Behavior?

Posted by on in Behavior Analysis

Verbal Behavior (VB) is one of the many branches under the family of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Just like ABA, VB is also derived from the philosophy of behaviorism, utilizes the basic scientific methodology for research, and is concerned with the improvement of an individual's educationally and socially significant behaviors.

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  • Kellie Primus
    Kellie Primus says #
    Hello, I have an 8 year old with severe learning disabilities, especially language. Verbal behavioral therapy has been recommended
  • Stasia Fritz
    Stasia Fritz says #
    Dr. Lee, Thank you for the straight-forward information in your post! What a great source for educators and parents. Can you now l
  • Audrey Borges
    Audrey Borges says #
    I enjoyed your post, Dr. Lee. It's a fascinating look at verbal behavior.
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Early Signs of Autism

Posted by on in Autism

A very general sign of autism is that individuals are often unresponsive and withdrawn or "in their own world." Some characteristics of autism are easily recognized in older kids who frequently cover their ears or flap their hands.

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5 Misconceptions About ABA

Posted by on in Behavior Analysis

What are your thoughts about ABA? There are an abundance of misconceptions about applied behavior analysis (ABA), and of course there are also the facts. No worries; I'm going to tell you about both.

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  • LD
    LD says #
    Kisha- I cannot speak for the ESDM program, but I am recently enrolled in graduate school pursuing my masters to become a board c
  • Amanda N. Kelly
    Amanda N. Kelly says #
    Thank you for this post. also has 15 Common Misconceptions about applied behavior analysis: http://www.behaviorb
  • Audrey Borges
    Audrey Borges says #
    You're very welcome. I enjoyed writing it, and I'll definitely check out your website.
  • Amanda N. Kelly
    Amanda N. Kelly says #
    I update the site monthly. Let me know if there's something you would like to suggest I add. I will add a link to your post on m
  • Kisha Wilson
    Kisha Wilson says #
    Hi, I wanted to know why insurance companies feel that intensive behavioral therapy/applied behavioral analysis (ABA) including Ea
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What is an Autism Aide, or Shadow?

Posted by on in Autism

When a child with autism or any other special needs has acquired, to some degree, a certain set of skills in the areas of socialization and play, language, attending, group academic skills and maintains appropriate behaviors, this is a good time to start thinking about shadowing.

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  • helena
    helena says #
    Hi carlos, i liked reading your post, it was very informative and concise! I am currently working with children diagnosed with aut
  • williams Don E.
    williams Don E. says #
    Carlos, I enjoyed your blog. Nice job/
  • Audrey
    Audrey says #
    Carlos, thank you for a great post on shadowing! I enjoyed it!
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What is ABA?

Posted by on in Behavior Analysis

Do you like to reward yourself? I know I do. A hot, foamy latte sounds good right now, but first, I have to tell you about ABA. Perhaps I can enjoy one afterward because it would be very reinforcing to me.

©Copyright 2012 by The Shape of Behavior | All Rights Reserved
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  • Vancouver psychologist
    Vancouver psychologist says #
    First of all thanks Audrey for sharing with us such valuable information.You write so well keep it up.
  • Audrey Borges
    Audrey Borges says #
    Thank you for all the support! I look forward to writing more.
  • Don Williams
    Don Williams says #
    Audrey does a great job and a real service in writing her blog. She hits the nail on the head.
  • Dr. Dom
    Dr. Dom says #
    I always bring parents and staff back to the basic building blocks of the ABC's of ABA! If they truly grasp the power of being abl
  • Amy Veenendaal
    Amy Veenendaal says #
    Audrey, I love the personality and information you brought to this entry! Great work! I look forward to reading more of your posts
  • Diana Melgar
    Diana Melgar says #
    Great Job Audrey!! Very informative! Keep it up
  • Jack Cravy
    Jack Cravy says #
    She's doing a fantastic job! Go Audrey!
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