behavioral-interventionBehavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals

This is the book to get if you are considering running an intensive one on one program for your developmentally delayed child. From the science of ABA to the application of ABA, this book gives a solid outline. From the selection of tutors and consultants to obtaining funding, this book offers "how to" information. Part 2 Chapters include: Evaluating Claims about Treatments for Autism, Early Behavioral Intervention for Autism: What Does research Tell Us?, Are Other Treatments Effective?.

Part 3 is What to Teach. Part 4 is How to Teach. Part 5 is Who Should Teach. Part 6 is Organizing and Funding. Part 7 is Working with an SLP. Part 8 Working with the Schools. Part 9 From the Front Lines:Parent's Questions, Parent's Voices. This section includes 4 childrens' stories. Is ABA successful in teaching 90% of children with Autism? You bet! In fact 40%+ will reach a point where they no longer fit the criteria for PDD or Autism. IQ scores increase. Autistic behavior is reduced. Attention is increased. Learning takes place. Is running a home ABA program time consuming and expensive? Yes it is time consuming and if you have to pay for it yourself it can be costly. Is it worth it? Yes. My 3 year old son now speaks in full sentences, has increased his IQ 20+ points, has reduced his autistic behaviors, is potty trained, dresses himself, reads books by himself, etc.