School Aged Children

No two children are alike, and each deserves an individualized therapy experience. The Shape offers intensive individualized therapy founded in the principles of behavior analysis.

Our experiences with teaching language have been successful in helping many children with autism utter their first words. Often the approaches previously used to increase that use of spontaneous communication and language have failed the child. The Shape provides a functional approach to language use. Acquiring language means multiple opportunities, the ability to use the language, and the motivation in place to sustain and increase the use of the language.

Because children with disabilities have difficulty interacting effectively, The Shape implements daily social skills and group activities to improve cognitive readiness. All of these activities are adapted to the functioning level of the child for maximum success. Being successful with these types of interactions leads to your child's ability to respond to natural reinforcers.


Video of child using iPod Touch

What your child can expect from The Shape of Behavior:

  • Play skills are taught daily through observational learning, positive reinforcement and shaping
  • Increasing functional communication
  • An environment arranged for maximum engagement
  • Continuous positive behavior replacement

Shadowing is available for school aged children who have met the prerequisite skills to attend and learn in a less restrictive educational setting. See in school ABA for more information.