Infants and Toddlers

As early as they need help, infants and toddlers can receive help in our infant day treatment specially designed to meet their needs. Our infants have a play-based environment suited just for them to motivate communication and early social skills. Behavior at this stage often indicates frustration with lack of communication, and we know just how to help these little ones be successful in increasing functional communication. Through our unique and innovative ways we take observational learning to a new level for young infants at risk for autism or other developmental disabilities.


Imitiation response with a 20-month-old.

How do you know if your infant or toddler needs help? A child who is missing developmental milestones, not babbling by 6 months, has no single words by 12 months, or has a loss of language at any age may be at risk for autism. Find out about our free screenings.