In-Home Consultations

The Shape of Behavior provides in-home ABA therapy designed for those whose needs cannot be fully met in the clinic-based therapy setting, transitional services or for generalization purposes. Parents are able to receive training in the home in real life situations. Parents, siblings, grandparents and other care providers can be encouraged with the use of behavior analytic principles in everyday life.

In-Home Therapy for Transitional Services

Often as a patient gains success in our restrictive learning environment, if the family so desires, The Shape can offer therapy to support the patient in a less restrictive setting as he/she transitions to a home environment. This allows the patient to have a successful transition and continue to work on individualized goals.

In-Home Therapy for Infants

Infants and toddlers who are not yet ready to attend the clinic may be offered an in-home program. This helps prepare for entrance to clinic-based treatment later.