The Shape Sibling Sessions

The Shape of Behavior understands the importance of maintaining healthy family relationships. We have dedicated treatment to support enhancing the quality of family interactions, promoting, and fostering positive family relationships.

Sibling Support

No matter what age, siblings of special needs children need support from family. Often a child with special needs has stolen the attention of the family due to their intense needs. No emotion is the wrong emotion and siblings need a safe place to express frustrations. Siblings can struggle with heaviness, depression, anger, guilt or fear. Sibling sessions include a special time that allows them to express their own concerns and curiosities to professionals regarding their sibling with a disability.

Sibling Sessions

Our sibling treatment sessions focus on creating meaningful interactions. By giving siblings the tools rooted in the science of behavior analysis, they can then look beyond the behavior associated with their sibling and start to understand why behavior occurs. With some encouragement and support they often begin to recognize the uniqueness of their sibling with special needs.