Applied Behavior Analysis and Therapy Services

The Shape of Behavior is an applied behavior analysis (ABA), health and behavior intervention and behavior medicine clinic for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Our clinics use applied behavior analysis (ABA), a behavioral health treatment approach that relies on the application of principles to shape behaviors. By observing the relationship between the environment and a targeted behavior, we are able to minimize unwanted behaviors and increase desirable behaviors.


Applied behavior analysis is endorsed by the US Surgeon General, The American Academy of Pediatrics and National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development. This scientifically proven treatment is intensive and individualized therapy useful for gains in all developmental areas including social, language, and behavioral. Studies have shown that some children with autism receiving two or more years of intensive behavioral intervention (ABA) have become indistinguishable from their typically developing peers. There are hundreds of studies supporting the use of ABA therapy. Our goal is to shape a better quality of life by helping individuals with disabilities reach their maximum potential.