Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a neurobehavioral disorder affecting social, communication and behavioral areas of development with onset before 3 years of age. One in every 68 U.S. children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASDs are referred to as autism spectrum disorders because all children diagnosed with autism are unique as their skills strengths and deficits are unique. Because ABA therapy is evidence-based it is recommended as the treatment of choice for autism.

There are 5 ASDs including PDD-NOS, Asperger's syndrome, autism, Rett's, and childhood disintegrative disorder. More boys are diagnosed with autism that girls. However, for every child who meets the criteria for autism there are three other children with some of the symptoms who may still benefit greatly from therapy. These neurodevelopmental disorders alter how the brain processes and organizes information. This impairs a child's reasoning, intuition and perception abilities and creates barriers in verbal and nonverbal communication.

Autism Treatment

The Shape of Behavior strives to provide individuals with autism with the tools they need to successfully interact within their environment. We address issues such as attending, self-help, cognitive deficits, communication, changes in routine, aberrant behavior, play and social interactions.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism

  • No big smiles by 6 months
  • No babbling by 12 months
  • No words by 16 months
  • No two word phrases by 24 months
  • Any loss of speech at any age